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"Our deepest condolences for everyone affected by the North York tragedy"


On Monday April 23 at 1:30 pm, a bright sunny Monday afternoon where people were enjoying the sun after weeks of cold, what was an ordinary day soon turned into a wake of tragedy as people were struck by a relentless white van at a bustling North York area, here in Toronto. 

The Korean-Canadian community fell into a state of great disbelief and sorrow as the news started to pour in, for the place where the horrific attack took place is also known as North York Korean Town. There are no words enough to express the grief and shock of this sudden and unexpected tragedy, except to give our words of deepest condolences to the victims and their families. The Korean Canadian Cultural Association (KCCA), promise to do everything we can to help the Korean victims and their families.


First, the KCCA will be the support centre to aid the victims and their families by providing services such as lodgings, translation, transportation, and any other accommodation they might need in their time of bereavement.


Second, the KCCA along with other Korean community organizations and the media will be doing a fundraiser to help the victims and their families to assist them in their time of bereavement. The funds raised will be used to help the injured with their treatment and to help their families with expenses during their stay in Toronto.


Third, the KCCA with all of the GTA Korean community as a whole are in the process of holding a vigil for all the victims (those who passed and those who are in the hospital) on Friday April 27 at 7:00 PM. The place of meeting will be at the Mel Lastman Square, North York Civic Centre. From there we will be walking together toward the Olive Square Garden. 


Daniel Lee

KCCA President

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