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KCCA Directors

Board Directors

The KCCA is very proud to have the following members as our Directors and we hope that we can work together to make the KCCA the strongest representative of the Korean Canadian community. Our Directors make many sacrifices attending meetings as volunteers and working on committees to make the community better.  The Directors at the KCCA often take a leading role in helping the KCCA pursue a future which will create a brighter community.

Chairperson [1]

Ok-Yun Shin

Vice-Chairperson [2]

Hyun Suk Byun, Bo Heum Park

Board of Directors [46]

Jang Hun Kong, Sea Yung Kim, Young Seok Seo, Jong Dae Choi, Hyo Nam Kwon, Yun Back Kim, Kyeong Chun Yang, Kyong Ja Lee, Sang Hoon Lee, U-Hun Lee, Joanne Soon Shil Choi, Jong Soo Choi, Ann Cree, Jin Chon Park, Billy Kim, Sang Sik Kim, Suh Yun Kim, Jaiki Kim, Jennica Kim, Hyo Soon Kim, Peter Roh (Financial Director), Park Min Ju (General Director), Sung Gyu Park, Seunghan Park, Cheung Yeul Park, Jiman James Park, Hyun Suk Byun, Jae-Hwan Song, Jea Yoon Lee, Cheul Ho Lee, In Jong Jeong, Jong Kyu Jung, Terry Jung, Kyung Ock Cho, Shin Ja Cho, Kwang Eun Joo, Buyoul Choi (Secretary Director), Young Suck Choi, Kyong Huh, Will Cho, Jin Soo Lee, Young Hwan Kim, Susan Lee-Pierce, Ok-Yun Shin, Hyun Suk Byun, Bo Heum Park  

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