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Korean Canadian Cultural Association

The Korean Canadian Cultural Association ("KCCA") is the largest organization of its kind in Canada and it directly serves the 120,000 Koreans living in the Greater Toronto Area. The KCCA was established in 1965 and received its charitable organization status in 1976.

KCCA is a community-based, not-for-profit charitable organization. For the last 52 years, KCCA has played a critical role in promoting an understanding and appreciation of the Korean culture and heritage to Canadians of all backgrounds. The KCCA organizes and runs programs and events centered on the promotion of Korean culture and encouraging cultural understanding within Canada.

Our Mission

It is our mission to create ways for Canadians to engage with Korean culture and preserve it for following generations to experience. We strive to be an organization which uses education and entertainment to facilitate opportunities for people of all backgrounds to come together and experience the wonderful traditions of Korea.
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