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Volunteer Lecturers Needed!

Are you interested in gaining some valuable teaching experience?
Do you enjoy adding value to your community through volunteer work?




  1. The opportunity to share your skills with the Korean Canadian society 

  2. Networking opportunities within the Korean Canadian society not commonly afforded to non-Koreans, and you will have a direct impact on the lives of people in one of Canada’s largest immigrant communities.

  3. KCCA can provide recommendations to other employment endeavours within Canada or Korea



Who we are looking for:

 - We are actively looking for instructors to start in March 2020. Please see the list below. 

1. ESL Instructor (Youth, Adult)

2. Sports/Health (ex. Yoga, basketball, indoor soccer, etc.)  

3. Instruments

4. Recreational  

Please send us your resume to

For more information, please refer to our CONTACTS page.

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