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Elector Application

The 37th Presidential Voter Application

1.  Voter Eligibility: 
  • Voters who have registered, are over 18 years of age and live in Greater Toronto Area (postal codes beginning with the letter "L"; excuding residents of Peterborough, Hamilton, Wellington and Waterloo) are qualified to vote in the 37th election.
  • (*Please report to the office if there are any changes)

2.  Voter Registration period: ​
  • Until 5pm on March 13th, 2015.
3.  Voting Methods:
  • By mail to the KCCA at 1133 Leslie Street, North York, ON M3 C2J6.*
  • By email to 
  • The voter application form can be downloaded from the KCCA's website (
  • *Applications submitted by mail must be recieved by March 12th, 2015.
4.  Anyone registered with a name written in English is required to bring a form of ID with them.
5. Voting: 
  • Voters are required to bring one piece of photo ID (driver's license, OHIP card, citizenship/PR card, Canadian passport, etc.). 
The application for voters is available from link below:
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