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Co-op Program

Students Will:

Learn how to collaborate with various agencies to fulfill the mandate of KCCA. In addition, students will learn how to network inside and outside of the Korean Canadian community, which is essential for the success of our organization.

​​Need to network at the KCCA events and use their contacts throughout the Canadian community to aid the KCCA.

Be involved in creating the events from the ground up. Senior staff will of course guide the students along the way.

Learn how to create events from the ground up. Events that the KCCA holds in the Korean Canadian Cultural Centre include cultural events, educational seminars, movie screenings, and specialty clubs for people interested in Culture, Martial Arts, Art and Exercise.

Directly assist community members who require the services provided by the KCCA. Students will be required to meet with members of the community and assist with inquiries over the telephone.

Research in order to create more effective programs for the community.

Work in the office with substantive projects such as assisting with research for government grants and applications to foundations. Furthermore, placement workers will need to do research to update employee policies and other policy to reflect changes in laws by the government. 

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Understanding Korean is a plus for the direct interaction with older members and newcomers from the Korean Canadian community. However, non-Korean speakers are also needed to assist with a variety of written projects, such as grant writing and policy research. Furthermore, Canadians of all persuasions are needed to help create a more diverse environment conducive to broadening the diversity of the Korean Canadian Cultural Association.

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